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December 16, 2008



That's just too much misery to fit in one day, my friend.

I just read your comments on Momocrats (going to have to spend some time over there). It's funny, it made me think of a conversation I had with Steve last night. We were watching the news and found out that Caroline Kennedy is the "Caroline" in the Neil Diamond song "Sweet Caroline." Steve said, "Wait. She can't be senator AND have a Neil Diamond song named after her. That's too much for one person." I thought it was funny. Wealth and fame do have their privileges.

Any time you wanna go to the beach, I'll hook you up. We have nice beaches here.


Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. :)

That sounds like a hell of day. Divorce is tough, that's for sure. Sounds like a perfect time to take deep breaths and go to your beach.

April McCaffery

Oh, honey, I wish I knew what to say. There just are no words to suffice.


You need that beach NOW. My goodness that is so much to deal with. A person can only deal with so much before they have to just stop and say enough is enough. We have to, to keep our sanity. I am sorry that all this is coming at once. I am glad that you are standing up to him. You don't have to talk to him. He is toxic and still trying to infect you. It's really sad but I have known men and women, that behave just like your ex and my ex, and they are all unhappy people(deep down)and try to make everyone around them miserable. Something I find, that all these people have in common, is their need to control and when they lose the control, they make you pay.

Hope tomorrow is much better. Be good to yourself. Yay for standing up for yourself!


Your ex-husband lives in the house too? You poor thing. I think I know some really good beaches...

Nothing Fancy

Oh dear Lord. I didn't realize that the ex lives in the house. How awful. The beach sounds really really good.


Whoa....sounds this grown man, lawyer, retired military officer ex of yours needs an attitude adjustment.....


I'm with Slick. Dang. It sounds like, in spite of everything, you're still trying to do what's best for your kids - truly awesome.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

JC, I really need it to stop because I am beginning to feel like a volcano that is going to implode.

Caroline Kennedy, yeah, well, some people get a good snowball rolling up their hill and some people get a bad snowball rolling down their hill.

Beaches, last year I went to the beach for a weekend. I thought I needed to walk along the water, when in fact I needed to sleep on the sand under the sun--for hours.

Christine, I guess it's better to have a day when it pours rather than an everyday trickle.

April, those words of yours worked pretty well, thanks.

Lori, how true about the controllers. The minute I said I want a divorce, the absolute nastiness emerged.

I gave myself a break this evening and went retro. I cooked a lovely meal, complete with chocolate cake and frosting (nothing from a box or a can). And both of my daughters like it--all. He can't take me away from me for too long.

phhhst, and in the master bedroom too. What a hollow shell of a man. Oh, how I wish I could be on one of those beaches now. Living in NYC and then in Israel, I would go to the beach wheneer I wanted to get away from it all, I so miss that now. What is it about the beach that enables me to clear myself?

NF, did someone say economic recovery? I am so looking forward to selling this spacious house and moving to my own little place.

Slick, uh, yeah. But I think he is beyond that, he has never shown an ounce of remorse for anything that has transpired. Simple hope here, that he finds a new woman and invests his energy on her, not me.

goodfather, thanks. I didn't even think of that. How can I make my daughters pay even more for what we have wrought?


Sounds like your ex is a very nasty passive aggressive. Don't buy into his game playing. To me it sounds as though you've been running yourself ragged trying to do the right thing by everyone, and you really need to look after yourself. Don't just say you need a beach...go there!!!And if you really can't go there physically go there in your mind. Take a few minutes out. Take some deep breaths and be at that beach.

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