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March 11, 2009



I am glad you got yourself a Rocking Lady lawyer. I bet she'll be worth every dime.

"Could it be that I don’t trust my instincts enough?"

I am so guilty of that!


I'm glad that you have her fighting for you. It's hard learning to trust our instincts and then acting on them when we are so used to enabling and doing what we do to survive.


Glad to hear you've got a Wicked Witch on your side.
Isn't the paper work a killer? (Over and over again...)


As painful as it is to relive the memories, it is all part of the process of grieving for what could of been, accepting that it will never be and then, letting go.
Buddah said, "The key to happiness is letting go." All the excess baggage, all the hurts, all the insanity - time to let go.
This lawyer was a big step, you are no longer being accomodating, you are now being courageous. Your daughters will recognize that as time goes on.
Now you got your bad ass lawyer and you have your cheerleading section here. You are going to make it! You DO know that, right?


I hope leopard lawyer helps you, and very soon. Every post, I am looking for you to get the house sold, the ex out, something!

Liz A.

She sounds like she can kick some serious butt, and not trying to nickel and dime you! It also sounds like therapy, making you drag out and discuss those uncomfortable issues. This is a true example of what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger, or atleast more capable.


Instincts are a good thing. It is tough to know when to trust them and when you are just being paranoid. I guess you really don't know until it is over.


YES...YES...!!! YOU FINALLY GOT RID OF THAT WASTE OF MONEY LAWYER! IF Ms. Lady Lawyer is reading this blog......I say to her....PLEASE PLEASE HELP THIS WOMAN...A WONDERFUL WOMAN ....GET RID OF THE GARBAGE , PIECE OF CRAP, ANIMAL THAT SHE HAS BEEN FORCED TO DEAL WITH FOR SO LONG. All the women of the world that have been dragged down by beasts like him are counting on you!


Years ago, when I'd just started working as a court reporter, I was working on a big case, and I'll never forget this woman lawyer. She was representing the witness and there were about eight or nine male lawyers in the room opposing her. She was so tough, when she and the witness would take a break, the room would just start buzzing with all these men talking about her like schoolboys. They were scared to death of her.

Congratulations on your Wicked Witch. Sounds like she'll get things done!


So glad you've got a very determined female lawyer! If all women stick together we wouldn't be in the condition of submission we've been for centuries! Fortunately things seem to get better. I hope your situation will improve soon. I think that the fect that your daughter behaved as she did is caused by lack of respect your ex has shown you. Kids learn by example unfortunately. Wish you all the best. Ciao. A.

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