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June 13, 2009



I work for an attorney and I can honestly say that your Exman is one of the most petty, unkind, truly toxic folks I've ever heard about. Even the most hostile divorces I've assisted with haven't been on the level of yours.

I am very glad you moved into an apartment and get to leave this situation behind.

He lost his mind over a TOASTER and a BREAD KNIFE... Wow... just... Wow...!


My take? He is bitter, childish, petty, angry - and scary. What he really hates is himself - you are a more convenient and preferable target for that hate. You're moving on and that infuriates him even more. Huge sigh of relief when you no longer have to go back to the house. Be careful.


Oh Laura, I am so relieved to hear that you have your own place. Because I have not been around much I didn't realize this until reading this. I am so happy for you yet I will not breathe a sigh of relief until you get everything out. It would be wise to not go back there alone from now on. I don't trust the bastard. Please be careful.

I swear to god that your ex man and my ex man must be twin brothers. Seriously. Both of them are bitter, childish, selfish, controling big babies. Both of them seem to take enjoyment out of hurting and stepping on anyone that doesn't play their games...how anyone dare stand up to them?

The end is near my friend. I have waited for this time for you since I first found your blog. You are an amazing strong woman. You are a great mother and teacher. You have much to be proud of. As you begin this new life and make your new home, I hope you find such peace, safety, happiness and joy out of this time of starting over. I am proud of you...it's been a tough journey and yet I see all that you have become out of it all and how much more you will become in the days, weeks and months ahead. How exciting! Hugs and love, Lori


Laura, exman is very threatened and jealous that you've moved on, having taken definite, concrete steps to begin (and have already begun) your new life. Too bad for him; he'll continue to suffer in a hell of his own creation.

Just a few more days to go, then what sounds like a creative and peaceful summer vacation. Looking forward with you to the 18th,


I think it very wise to NEVER be alone with him now. The reality of you are finished is finally sinking in and I'm afraid his rage will know no bounds. Do be careful and I'm so happy you are in your own place now, how wonderful and I can't wait to hear about the downstairs neighbor - I guess there always has to be some sort of downside, but, IT COULD HAVE BEEN WORSE! :)


IT might be best if there is NO transfer of a knife between the two of you...I think that nothing good would happen. Things sure get ugly. I wonder what he is going to do without you being there to absorb all of this venom.



And what's this with you and an annoying neighbor also?


I feel for you Laura. When I split up from my German boyfriend many moons ago (fortunately), he was so mean he would argue on a kitchen towel! I was so fed up with him (and also afraid for my own safety) that I left most of my stuff there! I lost a lot but not my dignity! Hope your situation will get better soon. Leave him the bread knife, the toaster and all those silly items! You get new ones, but any minute spend arguing with him is a lost minute in your life!!! Best of luck! Ciao. A.


Oh for fuck's sake, it is nearly unbelievable that you had to share a house with him like this for four years.

He is a very fucked up person. I am so gald you are out of there.


I must have missed your post about your new place. Congratulations on that. And as previous posters said, please be careful with your safety while removing your things.

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