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October 31, 2009



Sometimes we just need to veg. That simple. Just sit and not think (which is what you have to do to watch many of the programs on television). We can't always be productive or thinking about our next move. The lifestyle shows offer a peek into the lives of others. I've watched some of the home remodel shows just to see what can be done. Not that I'd actually do it, but you never know when you might get around to remodeling that ugly bathroom.


It's difficult to adapt to changing roles. I found my first months as an empty nester a little depressing. Why aren't you working on your book? When you talk about your book, you sound like it gives you much personal satisfaction to work on it - besides I'm waiting to read it and I'm not getting any younger you know...


Altho not a fan of TV, I've taken to occasionally watching a mindless 1/2 hour sitcom in the evenings. At first I was embarrassed but now look forward to the COMPLETE zoning out. A 1/2 hour of not thinking! Bliss.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

JC, veg, yes, that's it--thinking on hold and become as a zucchini lying on the ground waiting to be picked. I'm so relieved not to have to be thinking of remodeling anything. I haven't even changed the lightbulbs in the kitchen, which I definitely need to do.

rockync, I've been so busy with work that I put the book to the side, but I need to re-prioritize my weekends so that I don't let it lay for so long. You have me on a mission now! And nothing to grade for at least a week since we just finished the first quarter.

Beth, a half-hour? That's not enough for me to get out of one zone and into another. But I need to restrict that time to just the Friday nights and not let it go onto Saturday.


I do the same thing. Usually on Sunday. I 'tune out' for a few hours just to regroup. After a week of classes and a full-time job (full of non-stop interaction with the public) I need some down time. It's a nice thing. Yesterday I worked on homework, cooked, and watched - of all things - Project Runway. I have no idea why. Eventually I switched to something on the Science Channel. But the mental vacation is such a nice (and often very needed) thing...

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

Geo, Project Runway used to be my vegging time with my daughters, but without their commentary and closeness it feels sadder than it should and certainly does not invite a mental vacation. At least I can hide from people during my planning period, I don't know how you can be out there all the time saying "Have a nice day."


Laura... dear Laura... How do I handle the incessant public aspect of my job? Have you read my blog? :)


I've given up asking such deep questions. While I've downgraded my satellite subscription, there is no doubt that I need the boob tube to escape.


You write beautifully...I too am recently divorced, your words capture somehow the mostly undescribable pain and feelings of distrust twoards the world. I applaud your refusal to grow bitter, it is a very easy thing to do.


Sash, thanks for reading and commenting. I hope your post-divorce journey gives you the joy that evaded you before.

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