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October 18, 2009



This sounds like a very worthy endeavor. There can never be too many movements toward peace in the world. And perhaps another facet of this symbolism is that no matter the obstacles thrown in front of you, you CAN figure out how to overcome them and move on.
Seems the most important event of the night is that you accomplished your goal; you made it home. You can do anything you set your mind to. :)


Very powerful symbolism here in the very broad sense, too.

The goal = Peace (whether in the world sense or in YOUR world sense), you run into things that block progress, you work around them (and it isn't always PRETTY or CONVENIENT) but, in the end, you achieve your goal.

I think people spend too much time looking for/at how "they" are different. If we (collectively) spent more time looking for how we are all the same, maybe the world would be a better, more peaceful place.

I'm looking forward to hearing about how things progress!


If you and this woman are willing to talk to each other, there must be others who are also ready for dialogue. It's exciting, the possibilities of what can happen when people work together toward the common goal of peace and understanding. Good luck to you in forming your group.

The tree is very symbolic I think. We all have symbolism in our lives, the difference is recognizing the opportunities presented to us for our own personal growth in these daily occurrences. One thing you can take away from your experience is your ability to work around an obstacle in your path, even having to deal with a disagreeable outside force.


There is great power in conversation and connecting. So simple but so much potential.


I can not tell you how excited and happy I am to read this story. The layers and symbolism one could take from this are enormous! In fact this is the kind of stuff worthy of a documentary to encourage peace instead of war. How more senseless does all the the and violence seem now?


If mothers ruled the world...thanks for taking those first steps (amidst all the obstacles) to help mothers run the world!

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