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March 19, 2012



The War on Women engaged in the US shows that there really is no difference between our country and others where women are kept under the thumb of fundamentalists. It should make every thinking person pause and consider the ramifications to our society if this war continues unchecked.

It's not a very far leap of the imagination to visualize living in a religious theocracy, and we all know how women are treated in that kind of environment.

It's hard to wrap one's mind around the topic of brutality toward women. After all, aren't all men born of woman? Don't they have sisters and wives and girlfriends?

Why does one half of the world want to dismiss/rule the other?

It's a mistake to think that we're different because, sadly, we aren't.


Margaret, the cycle the cycle. From what I've read, it seems that homes where mothers are not respected by the father, are homes that cannot raise healthy children, not the boys and not the girls. If a mother is debased and belittled and beaten by a father, what force is there to make a little boy grow up to honor and respect women? It's a vicious cycle that is alive and well the world round.

A society can change when its members don't find comfort in it. When, when will this come out of the quiet of homes and hidden rooms to really make us act and react. And, you know, the very "battle" that the renewal of the Violence Against Women Act is going through now because repubs don't want to protect, heaven forbid, illegal immigrants and lesbians, shows that things are not a'changin fast enough.

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