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April 11, 2012



I don't understand that rationale at all. If a student doesn't do an assignment, they get a zero. What could be more simple than that? My job is performance based. I turn in my completed work; I get paid. Simple.

How is rewarding children with points they didn't earn supposed to help them learn to get along in the real world?


There is no rationale except people with no clue what to do to help kids be reached. There are lots of policies that can be explained and an understanding can be found, even if only vaguely, but this--nothing. If it comes to that (and it very well might from some indications) I am definitely not going to stay put. There is just no way that I could do that.


I have friends who are teachers and from what I know, teachers often have to conform to the standard set by the school. Usually, it is because of reason Two: "too many Ds and Fs look bad for a teacher and, more importantly, a school".....I think to a certain extent, parents are also responsible. They all want their kids to go to a 'good' school. So obviously, the school itself doesn't want to look too bad in the eyes of the parents. It is sort of like a negative never ending cycle.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

Tracy, thanks for reading and commenting. To a great extent, if parents were more involved in their students' education, then there would be fewer Ds and Fs to have to deal with. So often I call parents to let them know how their child is doing and they are clueless, but still there is no change. It's not enough for teachers to try to motivate kids--it must come from home as well.

And the parents who are worrying about their kids getting into good schools, I see them pushing their own kids and for their own kids more than I see them worrying so much about anyone else.

english bill of rights

If a teacher fails a student, the blame, primarily is on her. It is because she is responsible for that student. The things she does reflect in the student's grades. Meaning if student fails, the teacher didn't teach the student properly. That's why it is really hard to be a teacher.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

English Bill of Rights, I absolutely disagree. There are some students that regardless of how much you work with them fail because they don't do the work. Some students have undiagnosed learning difficulties and some students have a hard time with the language, or even a really rough time dealing with life and the things it has thrown at them. There are so many variables. But they don't stop a teacher from trying. At some point the student (and his/her parents) needs to be responsible for his/her learning.

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