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April 22, 2012


Elisabeth Stewart

I gather these 5 inch heels are meant to make women's legs look sexier - as well as putting our spines out of alignment. My spine's been wonky since my late teens - hence I've avoided this torture. Nor would I have ever wanted to subject myself to it.


I get the high heels=sexy legs on some level, but these super-high heels, I just don't understand how women have allowed themselves to so work against their own bodies--wonky spines--just to look a certain way--and one that does not work toward showcasing strength and intelligence.


Laura, I don't get this at all. And you see it over and over, women wearing ridiculously high heels. They're not practical, they damage the woman's feet, back, joints. You name it. It's akin to foot binding.

I'm guessing most of the women who wear them weren't involved in the struggle for women's rights.

The things we do for vanity. Shaking my head over this one.

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