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August 09, 2012



Hi there

I came to this page following a link where you mention what a bitter divorce means...I totally understand been thre done that...in my case though I married a good for nothing jerk (everyone knew but I seemed oblivious) because I wanted to prove a point to my arents, get away from them (I am from India so kids dont reeally ever get away unless married) and felt sorry coz he was hearing impaired. I loath myself more now that I loath him fr living with him, sleeping with him and giving birth to 2 kids. I dont have any communication wit him coz the very sght of him is sickening. And to think he actually walked away one day just before my daughter was born and the months following gave me the much needed insight..there was no need to tolerate this crap for the rest of my life. Through the 15 years we were together I earned, he sat at home, I did the housework he did nothing I wanted kids I had them looked after them and I am actually relieved that I had the insightfulness to get away now...otherwise what am I teaching my kids? I dont want my son to be like that jerk, I don want my daughter to get hooked with a man like him so i feel i set an example somewhere...now he is all bitter, defames me and the kids and wants nothing to do with me which I am good with. There .....my vent...but your article about what a bitter divorce means touched me. take care. Rina

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

Rina, thank you for reading and commenting. I'm glad that this connection to the experience of another woman who has suffered from a bitter marriage and bitter divorce has helped you. How good it is to realize that that man is in your past! A lesson to your kids--that's also what motivated me. I didn't want my daughters to think that the way their father talked to me was acceptable; I didn't want to start an ugly family tradition.

I can't imagine how hard it must be for you in India to be divorced.

All the best to you, Laura

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