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January 14, 2013


Margaret Lesh

It's beyond me why parents -- in your rude student's case, his mother -- feel the need to excuse what is clearly bad behavior. How will that help the child in the long run? This is something I just don't understand. A reasonable parent would try to correct the behavior. Unfortunately, in the case of your student, his bad behavior probably has deep roots and should have been corrected years ago.

There are basic guidelines in society: Treat your neighbor as you would yourself, be respectful of others, show courtesy, and so on. How hard is it to teach our children these traits? But if the parents don't know what proper behavior is, it's hard to have hope for the children.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Womann

It seems to me that many kids have to look to other people than their parents to learn the proper way of acting and interacting. Unfortunately, many, whose parents see the world as world and their children as being wronged, never see that that outlook is wrong. Hard. How do you come to realize that your parents are hurting you more than they're hurting you. The child needs to be intelligent and have the ability to observe with wisdom; skills, surely, that many adults never develop. My hats off to the kids who effectively parent themselves.

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