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July 05, 2013



Laura, I never really understood the whole empty nest thing until now as I see it looming on my horizon. I've got two years until my son goes to college. I used to hear people make references to their kids going off and I didn't really get it. Not really. This was before I had a child of my own.

Our lives take on new dimension and meaning--we are no longer day-to-day participants but watch our children who have become adults live their lives. (Cue: sobbing.)

Everything you write hits home. I never got the people who said stuff like, "Once he's 18, he's out of here." To each his own, I guess.

Another transition in our lives. Ugh.

Time to focus on you now.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Womann

My mother has told me that their independence is a sign that I have done well. I get that, but it's still so hard. Part of me wants some clinginess, some regret about leaving, not the whole-hearted confidence to go forth.

I never understood the 18 and out either. It makes parenting seem like a job, and not a life.

In two years, hopefully I'll have some coping tips for you, but I have a feeling that no tip can soothe a mother when her child leaves the home.


Heavy sigh. I have nothing to add to your comment other than it sucks. Life can be so hard sometimes.

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