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December 04, 2013


margaret lesh

Laura, it seems that compassion is something that can't always be taught in medical/nursing school, but it's something the patient needs. We all do. I'm glad you felt that compassion when you needed it. It's amazing to me how a simple gesture, a tone of voice, can be so soothing and appreciated. It really does make a difference.

And is there anything more vulnerable feeling than having one's legs up in the stirrups?

Sending warm feelings to add to your feelings of being loved. Yes, you are loved.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Womann

Compassion--the true power in the world. Unfortunately, the "powerful" don't have it. Imagine where would we be if they did.

And good news, I just found out that there is nothing to worry about. Life reverts to the normal flow of concerns. What a relief.

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