Looking at Marriage in a Glass Half-full / Glass Half-empty Way
Petty, So Petty

It’s Finally Over (3): BLAME GAME

Spread the blame around. Looking at the people listed below, try to see how you can apportion the blame. It’s not all your fault is certainly true, for no one is individually to blame for any failed relationship. Now is the time to see how much everyone else is to blame, too. Just don’t make this into a bitter mental list to carry around with you. It’s just an exercise to think about where others might have been better for you and to you. It can help you reach out for help; understand how you can have a more successful life and relationship in the future, and to focus on where things went wrong. Remember, though, it is your life and you are responsible for making it better.

  • Husband
  • Child(ren)
  • Parents
  • Family
  • Spouse’s family
  • Current friends
  • Former friends
  • Old boyfriends
  • Spouse’s friends
  • Teachers / mentors
  • Spiritual leaders
  • Therapists
  • Lawyers
  • Lovers
  • God


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