Get Your Words Off Me: Excerpt Five



After reading your other post, I'm thinking maybe I'd like to have sex in a hybrid, in a mall parking lot with a man who tells me I am beautiful and perfect, like my husband used to tell me.

Will I do it? Hard to say. There aren't that many hybrid cars in my neck of the woods.


Going all the way in a hybrid is not as important as making a break, even if it's only mental, from your husband, if he is abusive. For me this really marked the beginning of my AD (After Divorce) timeline.


I'm definitely getting there Laura. First things first. Still, the thought of having passionate sex again is definitely an incentive towards moving on.


I never thought that I would have a passionate encounter: I was 46, a bit "solid," graying, with dark cirlces under my eyes, not to mention my baggage. But when presented with an opportunity to charm, I found that I could still rise to the occasion. It's what's inside, that cannot be suppressed, no matter how much these men try. And that's what you need to hold onto--your self.

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