Get Your Words Off Me: Excerpt Two
A Pick-Me-Up for Myself

It's Finally Over (6): QUEEN FOR A DAY

Feel good about yourself.

Think of some things that you did in spite of your husband:

  • things that show how much better you are for yourself than he has been to you or for you;
  • things that show how you have been supportive and loving in the face of his negativity or reign of terror.

It seems to me that I have done good deeds not simply in response--out of weakness or fear, but out of loving and caring, and, more importantly, because I am a good person. I did not always act in response to his actions, but in response to who I am. He did not, fundamentally, change my core, or embitter my soul.

Remember those things now, and hold onto them, let them embolden you.


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