It's Finally Over: Material Girl
Get Your Words Off Me: Excerpt Thirteen

Not a Light, but maybe a Sign

There was a storm before, with lightening and thunder and a treacherous downpour.

When I left the house to take my younger daughter and a friend to the movies we drove through the steam rising up from the road, a mood-setter that matched the two-dimensional gray sky that had become still. It was an eerie drive (as eerie as anything can be with two twelve-year-old girls gossiping in the back seat about their teachers) until we reached the main road. And then, to our left, was a rainbow. And then, in front of us, was either the other end of that rainbow or another rainbow. All talk of teachers who wear their pants too high stopped, and we just looked and watched as the rainbow kept disappearing behind trees, and then reappearing to excite us with its blatant display of beauty and goodwill. For how can you respond to a rainbow but by anything but a simple smile; a smile that reveals that open gestures are obvious displays of goodwill. It may not be the light at the end of my tunnel, but it sure lightened my mood.    


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