It's Finally Over: Party Time
A Minute to Myself (35)

The Symbolism of Snapdragons

A few weeks ago a fierce storm ravaged my garden (well, more than my garden, but that’s what remains with me now that the electricity is back on). The snapdragons had no defenses against the winds and rains, and they fell, prostrate, to the ground. Their white blooms were washed away. All that was left were a few green stalks. I leaned over them and thought to pull up the plants; they were dead, and I figured that they would be reminders of what they had once been. Something held me back, and I let them lie there, reminders of what they had once been.


This morning when I went out to walk the dog and get the newspaper, I noticed that the snapdragons were in bloom. The stalks had righted themselves and rather than coming out of the stalk from the side, they were reaching straight up to the sun and happily, exultantly, they were blooming. Beautiful white blossoms. A next generation thriving on the remnants of the previous generation.


And I thought of how life is an ever-unfurling cycle, and how there is nothing to do but firmly step into your life and begin unfurling.


* * *


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