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Midlife Slices

I'm burnt out. I hate my job even though I work for myself. I think I'm just burnt out on trying to please other people.


Can you compartmentalize between what is for you and what is for them? Would that give you a breather from the dissatisfaction?

I teach, and so I have to face classrooms full of "clients" who by definition are dissatisfied. But, when I am developing lessons I get excited, and so that counterbalances the struggles in getting the lesson taught.

And in contrast to all positive thinkers out there, is being burnt out making you think about ways to make yourself happier as opposed to just maintaining the status quo?


I LOVE my job. I teach kindergarten, and laugh my ass off every day. I love their joy, I love their curiosity, and the way they look when they dress themselves. I could NOT have found a better job.


How the world goes round! We each do something that others couldn't imagine doing. I love (conditional of course) my 14-year-old students, and couldn't imagine spending a day with kindergarteners. But, we bolth get to spend time with people having "ah ha" moments over and over. That, truly, is a joy.


yeah- each day bring a new laugh, a new aha moment, and new soul to nurture. We are very lucky.


I'm always amazed when the mother of a sweet girl asks how she is in class. When I say that she is a joy, the mother is often shocked to learn that her adorable kindergartener is still in there, somewhere, even if she's only visible in school.

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