Divorce as Life Affirming or “Is there an Expiration Date on this Thing?”
Coddling Egos



The weird part of this answer is, my dreams. It's so strange, but many times in my life when I have felt the need of great comfort, my mother and father have often come to me in my dreams. Not together, mind you, but separately. We have comforting moments, lots of hugs and tears, and in the morning I am wiped out, but strangely at peace. (I lost my dad when he was 58, and mom when she was 48). THey both died on the same day - 7 years apart. creepy.


I guess a parent's job is never over. And the need for one's parents is also never over.

Midlife Slices

I'll get back to you on this one when I figure that out.


Anyone hear of comfort food?

Cassandra Rae

Oh yeah, comfort food...yummy! I also have comfort drinks...a hot cup of coffee, an ice cold glass of Diet Pepsi, and of course an almost-warm glass of red wine. Yummo!

Lots of times I turn to my blog for comfort. My journal is like my best friend. And my dog Gracie like loves me forever!

My husband gives the best hugs and my daughter always has something nice to say when I'm sad.

I guess another important aspect, is that I've also learned who NOT to turn to when I need comforting.

You've got some cool stuff on your blog!


Thanks for coming by--and for commenting.

My dog, Poops, has been a real comfort to me. He curls up next to me on my loveseat, helping me to remember what it's like to feel comforted by the presence of another person.

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