Looking at Marriage in a Glass Half-full/Half-empty Way
A Minute to Myself (37)

The Symbolism of Chocolate Cake

Some people seem to think that “midlife” is a bad word. Not me. How wonderful is the middle of something. Take, for example, chocolate cake. The middle of a slice of cake means that you have enjoyed quite a bit of it, and that you still have more to enjoy. You're not at the end, anxious, trying to savor every bite before it’s over and anxious that you really didn’t focus on how good it tastes and how it made you feel yummy. And you're not at the beginning when you are still too hungry for the cake that you don't enjoy it. No, you're in the middle. You have gotten over the thoughtless initial bites, and are satisfied that there is more to come, and so, you are finally able to enjoy the cake you have. Midlife is the same, it's the time to savor where you've been, where you’re going and certainly, where you are!


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