Get Your Words Off Me: Excerpt Nineteen
A Minute to Myself (49)

It's Finally Over: Banish Despair

Recall dreams that you had before you became embittered and poisoned with a narrow-minded focus on your pain. Bring back the laughter and joy that were once part of your life—you know it was there—and let it invade you, pushing out, even temporarily, the pain you are living through. This pain is—must be—only temporary, there must be an end. As there is no pure happiness, so, too, there is no pure unhappiness. Let the smiles and joy filter in, past the veil of disappointment.


* * *



I like your statement that there is no pure happiness or pure unhappiness. This is true although one doesn't often think of it that starkly.


You are so right....go skinny one to tell you how stupid it is. Or make snow angels..where I live it would be sand angels!

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

Or just do something just because and don't even bother to come up with a reason, because you don't need one.

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