A Minute to Myself (45)
A Minute to Myself (46)

It's Finally Over: Life Lessons

List the things you have learned going through this ordeal. Cast your net wide; don’t restrict your list to yourself and your spouse or ex-spouse. Friends: who proved to be friends, and who was not supportive. Things that were right or not. Things you were proud that you did. Things that you were disappointed in how they turned out. Did you go to the right lawyer? Was he aggressive enough? Were you still walked over? Why? Therapy, did it help? Should you have gone?


Look back. Even if it bites. It will help you look forward, and plan for the future, and live--always--at least part of the day, for today.  


* * *



Look back but don't turn back - even God can't change the past.


Sometimes I think that it would be a blessing if I could forget the past. But I guess if my neck got stuck only looking at the future that would be a cause of pain. Maybe it's the ratio of contemplating past, present and future that is key to feeling balanced within one's life. And that ratio must change to reflect, and enable, one's growth and needs.

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