Excerpt Twenty-Two: Confidence Boosted or Confidence Busted?
Looking at Marriage in a Glass Half-full/Half-empty Way

Daughters on the Road

I'm not quite sure how hard my heart is beating, but it's pretty darn hard. My older daughter just took my younger daughter to the library. This is the first non-parentally supervised drive, and it has both of my precious daughters in the car at the same time. What am I thinking? Do I really have to trust my daughter? Thankfully the library is close. Why couldn't they just ride their bicycles?

They're back. On the way they also got gas, went to CVS and had lunch at Arby's. I'm glad to see that they see this as normal and not heart attack worthy. 



Oh, man, I can't even imagine that yet! Glad it went so well.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

My biggest concern is that at a dangerous intersection she decides that switching songs on the cd is more important than looking all ways.

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