A Minute to Myself (75)
Get Your Words Off Me: Excerpt Twenty-Five


Why do so many women turn to the man they are with and look at him when they are ordering their coffee and pastry? Do they need his approval to get a latte? And if it’s just reflex, I say it’s one that needs to change.




I think it's the reflex. Although I don't need to look at my husband to order, I think we definitely fall into more defined gender roles after having spent a long period of time with each other. It's interesting how we do this without even thinking about it; it just happens.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

Every time I see this I think of a child asking for permission for permission from her father. I guess we would have a sexist-free society when the same number of men look to the women they are with for confirmation, as do women to men.

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