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A Minute to Myself (80)

Good Deed of the Day

On my drive home I drove around a tortoise in the middle of the road. But rather than think, crisis averted, I decided to turn around and protect the tortoise from a less observant driver. Yes, I helped a tortoise get to the other side of the road. I put him/her on the side that it was facing (I hope that was the direction it was headed). As I picked up the tortoise (dark green with yellow embellishments) it peeked out at me. That was a surprise. I thought that it would remain firmly inside its protective shell. But it stuck its head out and then back in. I hope it felt safe in my hands.

* * * 



Well, of course it did! You are a heroine, after all.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

I just gave my dog drops, so I must be on an animal-saving roll. But I did intentionally drown a bug today, so maybe I will be stripped of the heroine status.

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