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Driving mr ex

I took my daughter to the DMV to take her written test for a driver's license. I paid for her driving lessons. I drove her to her lessons and back home. I took her out to practice. I took her to take her driver’s test. I paid for her driver's license. I paid for her driver’s insurance. I took her back to the DMV when she lost her driver's license. She uses my car when she wants to go out.

Her father uses her as his personal driver when he is not in the mood to drive. Besides driving him to his office in DC on occasion (I think he works in DC), she has been the driver when they go on mini-trips, so far she has driven to the Shenandoah Valley and Philadelphia. Glad to see that his need to control a woman has changed.

She is now driving him to the supermarket, after I picked her up from her SAT class and she said she was hungry.



Possibly idiotic questions: He doesn't know how to drive or doesn't have a license? Or he just prefers to treat his/your daughter like a chauffeur? How can one survive in Virginia without driving? I have lived there and tried it. It was a highly unsuccessful venture. I bought a car.

You don't know where he works? Doesn't your lawyer at least have to know where he works in order to force him to pay child support?

Sorry, don't mean to sound like I am the one who is crazy. I am continually appalled by this man.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

He drives, but he likes to have her drive him around when he can. She is not strong enough to tell him "fuck you" (which she has managed to say to me). Luckily she wants to go to college far far away, which I can understand and totally support.

He hides all information on himself. He ignores everyone and everything except what he wants. In the agreement, we are to pay 50% of expenses when we are living in the same house, which is why I am going to court because he has barely paid anything since last November. Who would have thought it would take this long to sell a house? And we haven't agreed on child support because he wants to pay less than the state-mandated minumum. slime, I tell you pure slime. And I have only myself to blame.


God, I'm so sorry for you and your daughter. If he isn't paying child support, your daughter doesn't have to see him, does she?

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

phhhst, when we sell the house and move on, I don't know if my older daughter would opt to live with me more than with her father. There's some kind of girl-Oedipus thing going on with her and him, or it's a very strong fear factor. And if she opts to be with him more, that would cancel out getting child support for my younger daughter, at least until she goes away to college. It will always be a battle to get money from him to support his daughters. I hate to say it, but Thank God for grandparents.

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