Get Your Words Off Me: Excerpt 26
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I'm not sure what my purpose might be, but whatever it is, my thinking is that kindness and respect will help me reach it, and I do practice those.


I'm not totally convinced that I have a higher (or lower, even) purpose here, but I am convinced that I am responsible for my life, and for doing the absolute best I can.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

I believe that my purpose is to find meaning for myself and to act on that understanding. I believe that we decide or intuit our purpose, and that it changes as we change and as our abilities and needs change, and that seeking to understand who we are is, perhaps, the essence of a life.

Twenty Four At Heart

Ahh ... this is a tough one. I think my purpose has changed at different times of my life.

Stepping Thru

Just finished "The Purpose Driven Life" so I know the answer to this. I was planned for God's Pleasure, I was formed for God's family, I was created to become like Christ, I was shaped for serving God and I was made for a Mission. That being said, "It is NOT about me."


I think my purpose in life is to learn, and to remember that others learn from me. I think we are all either intentional or unintentional teachers to someone. I think life is a process of learning and evolving

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

24, but isn't it important at each stage to recognize what it is that you feel committed to?

ST, I am jealous of your strong conviction.

Brigit, so true: we are here to learn and to teach, a beautiful cycle of life. Unfortunately, we can't determine what other's learn from us; I hope that my daughters are getting positive lessons from me and not just "what not to do" lessons, but I guess that is good too, sort of.

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