A Minute to Myself (107)
Thanksgiving List

Flying Middle Finger

I would like to officially give a flying middle finger to all of the road racers out there. I would also like to say to them: SLOW DOWN AND BACK AWAY FROM MY BUMPER! I DO NOT NEED TO SEE YOU LOOMING LARGE IN MY REARVIEW MIRROR. SLOW DOWN AND CALM DOWN--YOU’LL GET THERE. AND STOP CUTTING PEOPLE OFF.

And when I'm in New York this weekend, I would like to add: STOP AT THE STOP SIGNS AND TRAFFIC LIGHTS, THEY ARE NOT OPTIONAL.

Safe travelling everyone!  



Yeserday i came home from work (a mere five miles away) all pissy from the assholes who drove like bats out of hell.


Give one for me, too.


As a native New Yorker, let's just say I doubt you will have much luck in the "full stop at the red light department." Did you all ready forget what it is like to live here?
See you soon!


Safe travels, and happy Thxgiving. And I totally get this, too. I only have a 5-minute commute and it still can drive me crazy sometimes!

Stepping Thru

I got flipped off yesterday for the first time. While driving anyway. I was trying to pass a guy on the interstate and every time I would get beside him he would speed up. I finally gave up and got back behind him and this fool come flying past me and flipped me off. What a jerk! Hope all you travelers will drive safe and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

phhhst, it should be forbidden to be an aggressive driver in paradise.

Shonda, the traffic was so bad most of the way that I didn't even get up to an imaginary flying finger. But I'll save a double for the way back.

Gwen, was it this bad when we were growing up? I just watched a guy drive through a red light without a moment's hesitation. So, a benefit of living in NY with all of it's congestion is that you can DUYOR? (Drive Under Your Own Rules)

April, it especially aggravates me at 6am, I mean if people can't be calm when they get up, then what hope is there for the rest of the day.

ST, you know that the stupid male driver was saying "stupid women drivers" in his head--well, probably outloud too. The Ego In Control lanes need to be blocked off so that those driving there can't endanger the rest of us.

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