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I Have Nothing to Wear: Shoe Department

I have nothing to wear. Do not laugh and say, “Sure she says that but she probably has two walk-in closets filled with lovely clothes.” HA! I don’t. Really, I have no clothes. Well, no clothes for certain parts of my body. Or no clothes that are comfortable for certain parts of my body.

For some reason I have no comfortable shoes. I buy cheap, and they are uncomfortable. I buy nice (on sale), and they are uncomfortable. I buy shoes that fit and then they don’t. My heel always pops out of the shoe; and if there’s a strap, the strap always slips down enough to drive me bonkers trying to get it back up into place--all day long. If I buy flats, they feel too flat. If I buy heels thinking that now I am a mature woman of the world and so I should be able to wear heels with all the comfort with which I wear my socks, but alas, they always disappoint. My feet are not stupid, they realize that they were not designed to be suspended in mid-air, and they dost protest. And when I buy comfort shoes they invariably have a fault: they are not as comfortable as they are supposed to be. What’s a woman to do?

And I refuse to wear sneakers: that is a vow I made to myself when I moved back here from Israel, it is just too tacky to see women wearing sneakers, unless they are sneaking around. I am resisting the comfortable clog shoes that are the new-orthopedic shoes; maybe I’ll get them when I don’t care about how I look, but for now I still care. I have even tried pointy-toed shoes after watching too many episodes of Sex and the City, but having pinched toes and the weird sensation of walking in shoes that extend at least an inch past where my toes end is just too uncomfortable of a sensation to become committed to. What I especially hate about shoes is that they are not optional. I have to wear them.

Shoe shopping looms large in my near future. I really need to get a new pair of work shoes, my everyday (and I do mean everyday) pair is just too tired and worn looking. I want something that looks good and is comfortable, the last pair I bought seemed just right, that is until I wore them for longer than a walk around the store. Who would have thought that the back part of the shoe would be too high and make me ache and bleed in the part of my foot which is usually popping out? I wish I had the money for a pair of custom-made shoes, wouldn’t that be lovely, a pair of shoes made to fit your feet. It seems to me that rich people walk with ease and confidence because they have shoes that fit them properly. Isn’t this a right—to have shoes that fit comfortably? Seriously, don’t we all deserve comfortable shoes, and well-made clothes made out of soft fabrics that do not cause us daily discomfort?

I honestly don’t know what to do. Spend some money I don’t have on good shoes that might not disappoint, or go right for the cheap shoes that look cheap and feel cheap, but at least I won’t feel like I wasted my money on an illusion. It really is a shoe conundrum. 



Have you tried the Clarks or Ecco brands? They tend to have good walking soles. They can look orthopedic. But not all of them. I can usually find them on sale or clearance for around $40-50. I discovered them when I was pregnant and could not wear cheap shoes anymore.

I wouldn't wear those brands for getting really dressed up. But I'm guessing that since you are a teacher, you probably dress nicely, but not necessarily fancy.

Good luck shoe shopping.


I'd go with good leather shoes. They may take a while to break in, but once they do, they'll fit to your foot and you won't be able to part with them. How about something with a wedge rather than a heel, so your foot is still level? There's nothing worse than an ill-fitting shoe! Good luck!!

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

Christine, I had a pair of Ecco clogs that I loved, but even I, in school, don't want to look clubfooted. Maybe I'll see if they have something fashion forward. I don't usually see them on sale, but now I know it's possible!

Joanne, a wedge--that's what my worn-out everyday shoes have, and they are comfy. Maybe I'll just get some shoe polish and shine them up, and go back to wearing trouser socks. Is it summer yet?


Heheh, I buy one pair of shoes, every two years or so: black 'work' shoes with no-slip treads. I'm such a guy ;). My three-year-old daughter, on the other hand, has at least 20 pairs of shoes. ALREADY.

Happy Friday!


I had to give up on heels a few years ago. (I save them for very special occasions). Have gotten used to low-heel shoes (I have a bunion on my right foot and don't want to go through the surgery and recovery).

For casual shoes, how about a pair of penny loafers?


While in NY, hit Lord and Taylor and love at Privos and Geox. They may be a little more expensive, but they last and are very comfortable teacher shoes. They have gotten me through 2 seasons and still look great. The coupons help with the price.


I can so relate!

jessica bern

I gotta tell you. As far as shoes go, spend the money. don't just look for a sale. A good pair of shoes will last you so long they will be worth it b/c in that time you will have bought at least 2-3 pairs of not great shoes.

I do wear clogs at times and Dansko has some nice ones. Also, Paul Green (not cheap) makes some terrific, very comfortable shoes. Even if you have to put them on layaway,, I highly encourage you to invest the money. AS my mother always says, you only have one set of feet.


I wore 4-inch heels to the Black and White Affair fundraiser supporting the non-profit where I work. God I looked sexy! God my fee ached the next day. The arches were even black and blue from the pressure where the shoe cut. Did I mention, God I looked sexy!!!!

Go to a good, (real) shoe store. Explain your conumdrum, ask about their return policy and if they have one, spring for the best pair you can. If after a week they're not doing it for you, taken them back.


This post made me laugh SO much! I completely commiserate. I have a pair of really cute black shoes, that are not-quite-flat and very comfy, from Planet Shoe. Before that I was resigned to buying grandma shoes at the pharmacy!
Otherwise, in winter, I have some flat boots, that are black, with zippers, and come up to my knee. The ultimate in kick-ass comfort!

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