Just What I Needed
Turning My Back on Rejection


Liz A.

These are such toughies. I really don't like thinking of all my exes who always thought something was wrong me. They didn't always say it, but there was always something...Jerks. So, the appreciation of who I am and understanding of who I'm not is essential to me.


Understanding, support, playfulness, cuddles.
Not necessarily in that order...
But also, it needs a shared vision, I think.
(Good grief, doesn't that sound like wank?)
I mean, I look for somebody who wants the same sort of life as me.


Compatibility in the things that are important to ME!

Stepping Thru

Compatability, honesty and playfulness. I look for stability and faithfulness too. Wow, I think I have found it in my Hubby of 31 years. YEA!

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

The desire to go on a third date. And then there would be the desire to hear his childhood stories while simultaneously wanting to play together.

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