Why do I do this to myself?
The Beauty of Laughter


Liz A.

Running up/down/around the hills and woods around my house with my best friend/only other child that lived within a mile. Then I moved to town and she got sent to reform school and I wasn't a kid anymore. But we spent years just running around seeing how fast we could climb the hills as girls. Those are my fondest memories as a kid.


I had to focus on an age. At first I just remember being a teen. But if I visualize before ten, cearest memories are at my grandmother's house, paying cards with her.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

I remember myself either sitting in my room and reading, or out running around with the other kids who lived in my building (city girl here). I guess I'm still like that: wanting to sit by myself or get out there with my friends.

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