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A Minute to Myself (127)


Liz A.

Calm. My physical ability to handle stress is subpar.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

An environment that feels as though it were soaked in hug particles. I'm not quite sure what that is, but something akin to the feeling of peace and possibility that I feel on the beach (if it's not too hot).

Small Footprints

Actually ... and this probably sounds a little "cheezy" ... the environment I'm in right now makes me the happiest. I love my life! It wasn't always so but now ... I'm in the perfect place. I don't think much about the past ... and I've trained myself not to look forward (well, at least not much). So this moment ... right now ... is where I'm happiest.

Happy New Year!

Small Footprints


I like your answer, Laura, the peace and possibility of the beach. That sounds really nice. But I also really enjoy concerts, and watching that live art form on the stage, so I'd have to alternate between the two.


Oh, and sending Happy New Year wishes your way! Enjoy your evening.


My fantasy environment would involve unlimited donuts with no consequences. I also like the beach; the sound of the waves crashing is very relaxing. Like you, though, not too hot or I turn into a lobster.


Definitely a spectacular beach, definitely some great books, and definitely enough money to get people to cater to my every whim (which isn't much for I am somewhat low maintenance). Oh, and JC's concept of donuts with no consequences is quite a wonderful thought, although I would pick endless ice cream and bakery goods....LOL

jessica bern

NYC- near my family and my oldest friends. I hope everyday that something will happen that will allow me to go back EAst and live there.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

Small footprints, that feeling that you have now is the feeling that is what we are searching for, revel in it.

Joanne, certainly we are not one environment as we are not one mood. The beach and concerts, both comfortable, but I can really absorb the peace in a tee shirt and shorts than in a suit.

Thanks for the well wishes--I had a nice time.

JC, oh, so we're adding food into the mix are we? Then I would add no-consequence Italian pastries.

Gwen, this is getting more complicated. We now have food, endless manicures and drinks with umbrellas on the beach.

Jessica, every time I go back to visit family (and Gwen) in NYC I realize that I no longer fit in that environment. I'm still looking for the place, but I think that a big part of it will be mindset.

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