Sunday Evening
Problems Brewing

Do We Ever Do Nothing?

At the coffee shop (to which I have returned since I want to be outside at a place that feels comfortable) there are eight people (not including the staff). Seven people are doing something on their laptops. There is one man sitting with a cup of something hot just staring out the window. My first instinct is to ask him if he’s okay. Then it occurs to me that we are so used to being busy, or filling our time, that just sitting seems to indicate that there is something wrong. But maybe he is the healthiest one of us, taking the time to distill the ideas and thoughts and emotions in his head, and not merely adding to the pile or ignoring it.

And, then I saw the screen of one man sitting near me, it seems to be of football scores. Maybe I need to ask him if he’s okay?


Nothing Fancy sit and stare...what a glorious day that man must have had...


Doing "nothing" can be so worth the effort, and in actuality is far more than nothing as we quietly pay attention to our lives.


I like this post. Thoughtful observation. I think people need more time to just sit and think and look.

Cindy La Ferle

Seriously, I think that 'doing nothing' is one of the most important things a person can do, in order to live a truly creative life. In her book, "If You Want To Write," Brenda Ueland talks about "moodling" -- which is her word for aimless activity that leads to productive time later on. Here's to moodling!

Lawyer Mama

I love just sitting and people watching, but you're right - it feels decadent.
Hopefully the guy wasn't staring out the window worrying about his fantasy football team. (-;


LOL. One of my life's dreams is to be the guy just staring at the window. For just one hour. Heaven.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

NF, he looked despondent at one point. But sitting there and thinking about it with a cup of coffee was probably better than some other options.

Joanne, I so love the time (sometimes) when I do nothing in bed as I wait for sleep to come. Sometimes I go in early to have the unwind time; I guess that's as far to nothing as I get.

phhhst, isn't that what we try to do with writing warm-ups with our students? And don't they just bridle at the bit at the idea?

Cindy, I love that word, moodle. Is that mind doodling?

Lawyer Mama, oh no, the oversized guy with the butt crack was looking at the football scores. People watching is one thing, but really, some people parts need not be watched.

April, the girls will eventually be old enough to be left alone for an hour while mommy goes off to moodle.

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