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I Have Nothing to Wear: Pants Department

Perhaps the most serious flaw or failure to appear in my closet is pants. This may be news to the clothing companies, but women have thighs and for some horribly upsetting reason, they get bigger as we get older. As the breadth of our experience widens, so do our thighs. It is truly a horrible part of life. I suggest the companies that make pants take note of this, and not just those who specialize in “designing” elastic-waisted pants.

I refuse to buy elastic-waisted pants. It is yet another peculiarity of mine; I fear that wearing elastic-waisted pants will make me feel my age or older, and my weight or more, and I am not ready for that. No, I still need a button and a zipper. But for goodness sakes, can’t they just use a little more fabric when they say “comfortable fit” so that more than my ankles are comfortable. It’s a horrible feeling to not be able to pull up a pair of pants that are ostensibly your size over your thighs. We hourglass and pear ladies do not want stretch fabrics, we just want fabric. Maybe the fabric that is saved from the pants of size 0 girls can be used instead on the 12+ women.

I’ve been butt-looking lately, and I have noticed that there really are many women with “junk in the trunk,” as they say. So why do I leave store after store with nary a pant in a bag? There are clothing stores where I can find tops that fit me, but not bottoms. What’s the deal? Hello, we are not all Heidi Klum. Maybe we don’t make the duds look as beautiful as she does, but I’m pretty sure there are more women with butt and thigh issues than who look like Mrs. Klum. And besides, I thought people liked a challenge (design that is), it is supposed to make them better, stronger, wiser, and reveal that they have talent.

I have one pair of black Lee jeans that make me smile every time I put them on because they fit. They do not make me feel that I am about to split the seams or break the zipper or pop a button. But, alas, I only have one pair, and on the days when I must give them a rest, I suffer. Things with other pants are always going somewhere, generally up the crotch because they don’t fit well. Or, they are clinging to my thighs so tightly, that when I stand up, they don't resume the position, they stay clinging to me as if I was still sitting. It’s really not a fun way to spend one’s day: with pants going up up up all the time, or stay stay staying where they should not be. Oh, it's a terrible thing, to have to constantly try to conceal pants tugging.

I think that the solution is for the pajama companies to start designing pants. Wouldn’t that be wonderful, clothes that are as comfy as flannel pajamas? Now we just need to work with them on the patterns, I don’t know about you, but I do not want to wear snowflake-patterned pastel pants to work.


Small Footprints

LOL! That was hilarious! Maybe everyone should show up for work wearing snowflakes. Ahhh ... I love it!

Thanks for the grins and giggles!

Small Footprints

Nothing Fancy

I'm totally with you on the pants thing. I can never find a pair that fit properly. My problem is that I can't fill out the butt, so I end up with the saggy look back there. All my stuff is out front (where I can keep an eye on it, right?) and therefore, I look pregnant in all the pants and must decide whether to wear them over or under the lower belly. Gross.

Hey...there's something for you over at my site!


Yes, yes, and yes. My fave jeans I bought at a thrift store. I think someone else stretched them out for me.


This is so a MidLifeBloggers post!!!!


I gave up a long time ago and just give in to the stretch pants thing. Thank -od for New York and Company....lots of stretch pants that I can wear to work!

Stepping Thru

You must have been in the dressing room with me just this afternoon. I tried on probably 5 pairs of pants, different styles,sizes and materials. NOTHING fit. UUGGHH! I, like you, refuse to wear elastic waist pants. You would think that the clothing companies would realized that there is a huge number of boomers out here that have money and are willing to pay for a good pair of fitting pants. Hey, are you guys listening???????


And why are so many of them low-waisted?!? That's what I find really disturbing.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

SF, I bet we could get them to design some with small footprints!

NF, there's nothing like a large sweater to hide the mistakes of the pants manufacturers. It's ridiculous in a country with millions of women that there are clothes for two body types: thin and tall. (I'm going over to your place to see what you have, how exciting!)

phhhst, wait, does that mean that you don't wash them, because with me they always scrunch back after a wash.

Gwen, I am not ready to cross that (stretch) line.

ST, I've narrowed myself down to a few stores and companies, but even then it's more of a struggle up the thighs than it should be.

April, the mommy-pants that I gravitate towards are not low-waisted, so you are doing better than me on that.

Liz A.

I guess it's more of a 1/3life crisis for me. Either way, my thighs are my biggest issue when buying pants, but I'm constantly pulling mine back up. If the pants fit my thighs and rise to the widest part of my torso then they slip down after an hour. If they're too low/under the belly then I'm constantly pulling the back up and the front down. I wear dresses a lot more now. The jeans that look nice on me (that fall down) came from Target. I have a pair of black slacks that rise over my belly button, but stay in place. It makes me feel like I should receive social security.

Midlife Slices

I see me in this post. I have a closet full of tops and no pants because they make them for those flat butted sticks and when I try to squeeze myself in to them, it just all fluffs out the top and I look like I've got airbags on my lower back. Not pretty, I tell ya.....not pretty.

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