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A Minute to Myself (115)



Arghh, the dentist! Just got back from a teeth cleaning yesterday (during which time the hygienist lectured me and wanted me to spend hundreds more dollars on stuff for my mouth). I've spent thousands already. I feel your pain. My root canal was last year. I'm looking forward to two wisdom tooth extractions next month :(

Liz A.

I've never had a root canal but I've had three oral surgeries and those were terribly unpleasant. Stupid impaction. Hopefully you'll get some nice pain killers so atleast you can rest afterwards.

JC, I would go to the dentist more if they didn't lecture so much. The motivation shouldn't originate from avoiding a dental hygenienst's snarkiness. And that damn pick. And my wisdom teeth was the least painful of my three surgeries. And they're serious about those salt water rinses.

Stepping Thru

Hope you are feeling better. Root Canals are no fun.


Generally, I find things get much worse than I expected before they get better.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

Well, I'm feeling a lot better, except for the ridiculous price of having a man put far too many tools and needles in my mouth.

I hate when they try to make me feel bad about not flossing, but I try to be strong and admit to my failings and then ask to have them clean my teeth, please. Hey, if we were all doing a good job flossing the snarky dental hygeinists wouldn't have so much work to do.

Things get worse before they get better. Hmm, I must be in for some bigtime better, because this worse business keeps getting worse without any let up. It's a bad joke already. But the show keeps going on.

Sarah J

*shudders* I live in constant fear of root canal and dentists.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

Sarah, it wasn't as bad as I feared. Root canal, I thought that the process would be more painful and involved. Now the financial impact is what is really rankling. And a tooth on the other side is now getting sensitive to cold. BUT I AM NOT FALLING APART.

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