A Minute to Myself (120)
Blagojevich and mr ex

Opinion Stealers

I went to a political meeting the other night. When it was time for the small groups to report back to the entire group, four out of the five speakers were women. But when we got off-topic and began discussing the auto industry and whether it should or should not be helped out, then the “experts” were all-boy all the time. I honestly hate the Battle of the Newspaper Readers. And why must men always get it going? And why do men so often think that they are experts when they have simply read a newspaper article or editorial? And why do women not have the arrogance to restate someone else’s opinion as their own? And why can’t we women shut those men up instead of letting them pontificate?




It'd be silly if it weren't so infuriating!

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

Ugh. I am so anti. Even in class those boys have a fullness of self that the girls do not aspire to. Now I recognize some strong advantages to all-girl schools or classes.

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