A Minute to Myself (116)
A Minute to Myself (117)


Midlife Slices

LOL I'm impressed that you even now your license plate number. I sure don't have a clue what mine is because I never pay attention. Maybe I should.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

MS, I only remember it because the letter part sounds like my younger daughter's name. I have never before remembered a license plate (I generally remember less useful information). But, the point here is to let the small things in.


I think that may be one of the keys to happiness, letting the small things in. Usually vanity plates just come off as, well, vain. (At least to me.) Once in a while though, I'll see something clever, or once in a while a bumper sticker will make me laugh. Years ago there was one I loved, it said "Mean People Suck."


It's the simple things that bring most enjoyment. I remember being tickled to death to see a license plate that contained my initials and birthdate.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

JC, I agree, mean people do suck. Today my daughter and I saw a vanity plate, it said PNUTS. I said maybe someone has a peanut allergy and is proud of it. She said (my 13-year-old) that she thinks it has to do with a penis (although she didn't say that very inelegant word). Where does she get these ideas?

Tessa, well that certainly would be something to celebrate. That would be such an otherworldly experience, as if you're seeing yourself from another vantage point.

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