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My mom and I share laughs like that quite frequently. You are right, it is wonderful. Often, we'll call each other up just to say, "remember the time we laughed so hard about...." It's often the stomach aching laughter we'll talk about long after whatever it is that brought the laugh on.

Here's wishing for lots of laughter for you in 2009.


There is nothing like it. My daughter and I had such a laugh the other day over something we watch on You Tube....she even put us laughing on her facebook! I will cherish that day and you should too.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

Dingo, I'm glad you and your mother are at such a wonderful place. For me that's the essence of any get-together, finding the places that bring out the pure joy in us. May 2009 be the year of bonding laughter.

Gwen, if we can only reach that vein more often. But, at least it's there, however deep and thin.

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