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Israel Story: Touching Evil

The Symbolism of a Bird

A bird just flew into my house. It flew in through the window in the kitchen that I had opened wide to bring in some of the crisp December air. It was a small brown bird. It fluttered about; it tried to fly out through the glass door (even though it has not been cleaned with Windex for a very long time it still thought that that was its gateway to the great outdoors). I opened the door as I told the bird to wait. It flew off to another part of the room. A few seconds after I opened the door and walked away, it flew out.

May my flight from this house be soon and as steady as that bird's flight. It didn't look back, it just took off to its next destination--anywhere but here.


Stepping Thru

What an awesome way to look at the bird. I hope that the door to your future opens real soon and that you still have the strength to fly out into the sun.


I find the metaphors in daily life too. It makes me reflect more deeply and connect more truly with myself.

I've been having some very big bird feelings myself (not the yellow Big Bird, though God knows I look like him more often than not) but of the Phoenix kind....rebirth, rebuild, start anew....fly away.


Can I share a story with you? My friend V told me last night. After the end of a terribly deep love affair, she moved in with a work colleague. Over the course of a year, she felt less and less of the space was her own - until all she could do was go into her room and shut the door. She felt trapped, and over time, all their mutual friends seemed to stop talking to her. (The work colleague turned out to have some really fun issues, but that's not the point).
V had no where to go, but started to look for apartments anyway. She kept drawing little tiny cottages as her promise to herself that she would have her own space. One day, after looking for a long, long time, she found an ad for something she could afford - but no details, just a mobile number. Which no one would answer.
Even still, she tried later - and got through to the owners. It turned out nobody else had rung about the ad because their phone wasn't working. The property was a tiny cottage in the longstay caravan park near my house. V drove past the park, and saw a cottage that was beautifully kept, with a wild garden - she hoped the cottage would be like that one. it WAS that one. Who knew tiny cottages even existed in the middle of this city?
So now V lives down the street from me, in a cottage that has felt welcoming from the first time she walked in. Her cats love it. She loves it. And she has never looked back either.


Even that bird needed some help.


I love life metaphors and the trapped (and then freed) bird metaphor is full of so much hope for you.


Wow...how you found such a beautiful metaphor in that trapped bird is truly amazing.. You are quite the fighter..and I know that this will end and you will be ok.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

ST, thank you--I'm planning on putting on wings that need nothing but a hope and a prayer.

D'Arcy, big bird can have a rebirth too, don't you think? Here's to being birds of a feather!

Kazari, thank you so much for telling me that story. I will focus on my cottage which surely must symbolize comfort more than anything.

more, indeed it did. I let it in, and I let it out. I have the power.

Dingo, if only my stopover had been as brief. Now I have the vision of that bird in my mind's eye, and it is a lovely vision to have there.

Gwen, thanks, as always, for your encouragement.


Happy New Year, Laura. I hope the majority of 2009 is spent living elsewhere!

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

April, I'm thinking that I need to figure something out besides visualizing the SOLD sign.

All the best to you and your daughters this year! Let the fashion show continue.

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We should all be concerned about the future because that is where we will spend the remainder of our lives.

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