Sprinkling of Vindication
Israel Story: Touching Evil

The Symbolism of a Bird

A bird just flew into my house. It flew in through the window in the kitchen that I had opened wide to bring in some of the crisp December air. It was a small brown bird. It fluttered about; it tried to fly out through the glass door (even though it has not been cleaned with Windex for a very long time it still thought that that was its gateway to the great outdoors). I opened the door as I told the bird to wait. It flew off to another part of the room. A few seconds after I opened the door and walked away, it flew out.

May my flight from this house be soon and as steady as that bird's flight. It didn't look back, it just took off to its next destination--anywhere but here.


retro jordan 5

I like your article! You are a very idea of people, you should put your ideas to share with the people ah!


Interesting thoughts...I had a yellow bird fly into my house today.

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