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The Symbolism of a Snake

The house that I am trying to sell has a creek (or is it a stream? and what’s the difference anyway?) off to the side of the property. One day I decided that I must walk over to the creek; it seemed such a waste that I had never been there. As a kid in our Queens apartment I dreamed of houses, and yards, and creeks, and trees, and walks in nature without first taking a two-hour drive and here I was, with all of those things, and all I did was sit in the house or on the deck or porch and look out.

It was springtime when this thought of discovery came to me, and as I stepped out of the house and surveyed the tangled bushes and fallen trees that lay between the creek and my lawn (or lawn-like surface since there’s far too much moss and wild grass and weeds growing there to earn it the nomenclature “lawn”) a word popped into my head: SNAKE. And at the very appearance of that word in my head, so went all thoughts of discovery and walks along the banks of the stream/creek. Let my daughters and their friends in their flip flops and shorts brave the overgrowth. Back to my table and chairs on the porch I went.

But life is never that simple. There are always reminders for us that we are not in charge, that we do not control the circumstances and coincidences of our lives.

And so, a few hours later, when I went to inspect the development of my flower garden there was, on the beautifully paved driveway, a snake. I kid you not. I just laughed. Whoever makes the world go round certainly has a sense of humor.



Nothing Fancy

Snakes. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.


I love real life irony. so....did you go ahead and check out the creek/stream? Not sure of the difference, but creek sounds more inviting.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

I have not gone to the creek/stream. But I will. Maybe I should go this weekend, it could be the act that needs to be done before the house can go out of my possession. Update to come.


My son would have been over the moon upon discovering a snake in such close proximity to the house. Me, not so much.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

JC, there are a lot of frogs for those snacks to much on, unfortunately we generally see them after they have become pavement-paper.

Stepping Thru

The snake on the driveway was probably a reminder that the things we fear can appear any where and that you should just step out in faith and explore that creek. You might find something wonderful past all the tangled bushes and fallen trees. It's kinda like life isn't it?

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

ST, I would say that your analysis is spot on. The snake's timing was just stunning.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

UPDATE: I went to the creek (seems that streams are bigger than creeks, and this definitely small-scale) this morning. No snakes in sight. Maybe now that I have overcome a fear or trepidation or laziness the house can be sold.


The snake is my zodiac, and it has also appeared in several healing sessions I've had. I know the Christians look at it as bad, sign of Satan in the garden, but actually is has a history of wisdom and goodness.

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