A Minute to Myself (134)
A Minute to Myself (135)

A Bead of a Day

Yesterday was a bead of a day. It was a day that I could put on one of the necklaces that our lives create; this would be on the necklace of lovely days, lovely in their simplicity and the simple joy felt in living them.

  • A student’s mother told me how much her daughter likes my class.
  • A colleague told me that another colleague told him that I had prepared a wonderful unit plan—that she would be using.
  • A few colleagues and I had discussions that went beyond the aches and pains of teaching, but were more personal discussions, like friends would have.
  • And I spent most of the day emailing back and forth with my co-teacher in an easy banter.
  • And I spent the day emailing a friend who recently got in touch with me.
  • And that contact spurred me to contact a friend with whom that thread of communication had stopped because I was waiting for her to get back to me, but she didn’t. So I emailed her, and she got back to me immediately, and even invited me to come visit her.
  • And I was nice and calm with every one of my students. Even when I cajoled it was to the right level, and then I stepped back and let them decide to do the work or not, making it about them, not about me.

Yes, it was a lovely bead of a day. It even started with the thinnest covering of snow—the first of the season.

It was so lovely that I didn’t even miss (too much) missing my book club meeting  because my daughter needed my car. After all, garish beads don’t fit on the necklace of lovely days. 



I like that. "A bead of a day." Days like that are definitely worthwhile treasuring. You deserve many more of them.


I like that. "A bead of a day." Days like that are definitely worthwhile treasuring. You deserve many more of them.


Lovely story, lovely day - thank you for sharing it with us. I am reminded of a quote in my "Inspirational Snippets" box (nothing fancy, just a box I keep snippets of inspiration on pieces of paper and pull out one or two each morning to ponder on).

Listen to your life. See it for the fathomless mystery that it is.
Touch, taste, smell your way to the holy and hidden heart
of it because in the last analysis all moments are sacred
moments and life itself is grace.
- Frederick Buechner

Sacred moments to sustain through the darker storms...


I'm so glad you stopped by my blog because that led me to yours -- a lovely post and a reminder of the power of a few simple words of encouragement and support. Thank you so much for sharing -- but sorry you missed your book club.


It was so great to hear about your day. Days like the one you described is what keeps people like us in teaching. They are there, and do make it worthwhile.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

Brigit, I'm starting to collect beads for a new necklace.

rockync, thank you for sharing that snippet.

Cathy, I'm glad I discovered you too.

Gwen, truly a shiny bead of a day to savor. I hope you had one, too.


I enjoyed the way you strung together the lovely beads of a pleasant day. Had such a good feel to it.


That day sounds awesome! Way to go!

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