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Liz A.

I definitely am. It's not the crazy, "How do I breathe without you?" love you feel at first, but I still feel warm every time my husband comes home and kisses me.

I'm not always enjoying life these days, but luckily has nothing to do with him, and he's helping me work on it.


After all these years, not in love, but definitely, shall I say, a mature love? We do still have fun and know how to laugh.


Not in love and not sure when I will be but I'm wagering it will be later rather than sooner. Then of course I do fall in love for a few minutes every time a pretty woman walks by.


I'm very much in love and although I never thought this were possible, it keeps growing. I enjoy every second of having him in my life...maybe because I have experienced so much of the opposite and know that it isn't always this way.


I'm in proper love for the first time as opposed to puppy love :-)
It's great!

Renee Khan

Thank you for your brilliant comment on my post 'Farewell Suckers.'

I have to state here and now that I love your banner at top and the information you share with us there.

I am in love most of the time. I enjoy myself only some of the time.

I know, I should change both of those things, but especially the enjoying myself.


Renee xoxoxo


Hmmmnnn... yes. Even after 10 years, after wretched fights and arguments - he's still and always will be the one I want to wake up to.

Okay girl - now you've got me all mushy over here. Not fair - lol! ;)


After 54 years of ups & downs & with our retirement love has meant much more . We made a commitement to focus on "the two of us" at this time in our lives.Every day we are thankful for each other & the love we feel. Life like love is best when shared & we have shared it all.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

I am not in love, but I have love in my life. I have the love I feel towards my daughters and my family and my friends (via keyboard, phone, or face-to-face), and what I feel towards my students. And what I feel toward my future.


I've been trying to figure this out. I'll keep you posted.

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