Day of Service; or Yes, I am a Bag Lady
Mommy Whine





I am very independently driven and am most relaxed when I am by myself. Almost everything about me it the same as when i was a child...except that I have to shave now.


I was calm as a child and still am (until I see Anne Coulter on TV).

Liz A.

I relate very little to the person I was before I was 18. Some of my tendencies and tastes are the same, but mostly a different person.


Insatiable curiosity. A flair for drama. Intensity. Accidnet Prone. High pain tolerance.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

Independence, solitude, books. But now I have the self-confidence to speak up--or write up. Shaving, that too, but luckily not my face.

Renee Khan

I love these questions, can I steal them to put on my blog as I would really like to know what my family and friends would answer.


Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

Renee Khan, you can put the questions on your blog with credit where credit is due and a link.

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