Snow Day, Day of Contemplation
A Minute to Myself (141)

I Am Woman, Watch Me Shovel!

Wednesday was an official snow day, that is a day off without having to take a day off.

In the middle of taking an early morning walk (I couldn't go back to sleep after hearing the words: "school is cancelled today" at five am) I realized that none of the men at the end of my little private road were going to do anything about the snow and ice that covered our road that does not get plowed since it is a private road. Usually the neighbor takes out his snow blower and does his driveway and our driveway and the whole road—up the hill—to the neighborhood road. (The distance must be about the length of two football fields.) And since I have had it waiting for people to do things that might benefit me, I decided to just shovel it myself. I had no intention of having my car being stuck in the garage another day, even if tomorrow ended up being another snow day.

And so, out came the shovel, and out went my non-conditioned body to—over the course of about five hours with significant breaks when I felt I should not risk a heart attack to make a point, take a stand, and do what needs to be done with help from no one—shovel two tracks up the hill for the tires of my car.

I will refrain from repeating the utterance that came to mind when exman drove up the road that I had just cleared after much toil. But after that "comment" I repeated to myself that I had cleared the road for myself and that’s what counts, not that it ended up benefitting him. 

When I finished I drove my car through the beautifully cleared path up the hill and parked it on the side of the neighborhood road that gets far more traffic than my road with its four houses, two at the bottom of the hill, one in the middle with the retired couple for whom I retrieved their paper this morning because it was too slippery for the man of the house to drive his car up to the mailbox, and the couple towards the top who have never so much as shoveled or de-iced a centimeter of common road, even when the part in front of their drive was the iciest part of the road. And exman, once a leech always a leech. I don't know why neighbor man or his son did nothing, but that is not my concern--I am.

It feels good to have been outside, to have one-upped exercise because I moved my body for a purpose, and to have accomplished something that I thought would be too big a task for me to accomplish alone. Give a girl a shovel and I'll show you a clear path.  



You cleared a path, proved you are capable and learned that when you move, it should be to a town maintained street! LOL!
Hope you can find a more enjoyable, less back-breaking way to spend the remainder of your snow day(s).
I'm just far enough south from you that we haven't had to deal with any snow. I'm just waiting for my camellia to bloom - I have a huge, old specimen bush; actually, more like a tree, but I love it because even in the coldest weather, it will bloom wildly and I know spring can't be far behind.
I hate the cold! :)


I don't mind shoveling...which is a good thing considering where I live...but one of the things I remind myself of while I am out there is, what great exercise it is for me. Glad it made you feel good!


Good job. I like shoveling too. I think it's a nice time to think. Think, "Why don't I live in Florida?" No, good work. Nothing like a clean driveway on a snowy icy day. :)


This is such an alien concept to us Alabamians -- "shoveling snow." I just can't wrap my mind around it, truly. When my sister-in-law in Portland, Maine, talked about some snow being easy to shovel and some being really hard, she had to explain to me -- twice -- what she meant. And I made her illustrate with graphics. Who knew??? (Please don't hate us!)


make sure you take some Ibuprofen after that. It's killer on the back muscles.


Good for you -- my girlfriend decided to use the new snowblower because hubby was out of town -- she spent several hours outside between reading the manual and getting the machine to actually blow some snow. She saw her male neighbors peek out at her --think they offered help? Nope.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

Amazingly I had no pain the next day or the next. My body telling me to do more, no excuses and no laziness. Now's the time to catch myself before it becomes too out-of-shape.

Help, it comes from within both emotionally and physically.


Woodchopping is my big one in winter. It never snows to that degree here, but we have wood heating, and the wood often needs splitting.
Love it. It releases 'stuff,' and I see immediately what I've accomplished. It smells good and I can then 'put another log on the fire.'

Right now in summer, its the mowing of 1/3 of an acre of paddock, rather than lawn. It's a killer in this heat, and I hate the thought before I do it, but boy it feels good and looks great after its done.

Interestingly, I've had a man 'pursue' me lately. He has money, and likes to buy. But you know what I'd be much more appreciative if he liked to do. But I guess he doesn't have to he has money to buy.


You are woman! Hear you roar! lol
I shovel all the time too, or snow blow. It actually relaxes me, probably because I'M outside and the KIDS are inside. lol

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