A Minute to Myself (137)
Mediation, or Sitting around a Big Table with Someone You Hate, Part 2

Mommy Whine

  • No, I do not want to get a roll of toilet paper for you from the basement.
  • No, I do not want you to take my tee-shirts, my sweatshirts, or my sweaters from my closet.
  • No, I do not want you to take my towel from my room.
  • No, I do not want to make dinner for you and you.
  • No, I do not want to make tea for you, even if you are not feeling well.
  • No, I do not want to get a glass of water, again, for you.
  • No, I do not want to explain to you why it is wrong to call me a “fucking woman.”
  • No, I do not want to stop at the supermarket for you.
  • No, I do not want to not stop at the supermarket so that I can get home faster to give the car to you.
  • No, I do not want to give to you every inch of the blanket we are supposed to be sharing on the couch.
  • No, I do not want to stop at the bookstore so that I can buy three books for you at $200.
  • No, I do not want to turn off the music I am listening to so that you can listen to the music you want.
No, I do not want to be on-duty today.

When’s Mother’s Day?




Some days, hiding in the closet doesn't seem like such a bad idea...does it?


I have a toddler. I also have a list of things I do not want to do as well, even if they are slightly different (diapers and such).

I also do not want to me on duty today.

Maybe you'll get a bit of a break this weekend?


Mine are all grown and gone and sometimes I miss the chaos of a house full of teens and 'tweens and I would not have traded it for a million dollars.
But that is looking back. At the time, there were days when I could SOOOO relate to this post!


I'm so there with you...I am so wishing someone would fire me right about now but no one will. Maybe we should have a whine and wine party...thinking about it...us all getting together makes me smile!


Love it! Thanks for speaking for thousands and thousands of women today. I absolutely agree with Rockync -- I'm pretty much an empty-nester yet even with grown and almost-grown children and a husband, there are still some days when it's all a little much!


gotta wait til May :-(

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. Come on back anytime! :-)

Renee Khan

So true. Great list.

Also, I think they all need to know that they are not entitled and that we count too.



I'm so glad you are honest about this. Most mothers would never admit it but it's fine to feel this way.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

morethananelectrician, some days the closet seems like a great idea.

K, by the time they become teens you have have surely reached your breaking point, because you can, because they can finally do all of those things themselves and you know that you should get the break, that they should give you a break.

rockync, I said I want a day off, not to be unemployed!

Lori, I love that a Virtual Whine and Wine party. I so wish we could do in in wreal life.

Cathy, I'm thinking that my teaching in high school just makes the need to get away from teens even more intense. Instead of Mother's Day being a voluntary brunch out, it should be reconstituted to be Women's Day Out on the first Monday of March so that we can march out of our "places" and go whine and wine. See how the boys handle that.

ColbyMarshall, you are so optimistic--who says my daughters remember Mother's Day? That's why I need a day now, they didn't remember last year. Selective commercial watching surely.

Renee Khan, there's that fine line between wanting them to know that they can depend on you to becoming their servant lady.

Ricardo, I am a big mouth mom speaking for downtrodden moms everywhere!


so far i have only been able to skim thru a few of your blogs, but i'm very happy that i did! thank you for your comment on my blog (death/grief)...it is nice to realize others can feel the same emotions...

i did laugh out loud to your 'shovel' rant - my 14 yr old is on crutches at the moment - everyone keeps asking what happened to him and i have started to say that i thru him in front of a bus because he wouldn't listen to me...it gets some shock, but hey, whatever...anyways, point being, he's on crutches, i'm a single mom, he is the 'man' of my house...we live in upstate ny where it seems to have been snowing since september 1st - as luck would have it, we had a pretty major storm the last few days, so my out of shape butt was out there huffin n puffin shoveling our driveway...but in the end, much like you, i felt pretty damn good about myself once i saw how great it looked!!!

of course, i'm not commenting on what i felt as i went to walk the dog (another of my sons tasks!) about an hour ago to see 5 inches of fresh fallen snow!!

enjoy your sunday!

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