A Minute to Myself (136)
Day of Service; or Yes, I am a Bag Lady



That is a very good wish.


Amen, sister!


Thanks for reading my blog and boy this is one wish I have for Obama. I actually think he will.

Mama Zen



hey there. beautifully said. there's such a great need for nurturing strength, tender fortitude, sensitive intellect, enduring compassion...here we go :)


Yes to what you said!


I thought of you this morning during the invocation when Joe Biden opened up one eye to see if Rick Warren was done praying and quickly bowed his head back down when he realized that the guy was still speaking. :)


I hope that he makes this his No.1 priority!


Hey now, this guy doesn't want war. But I don't think he's that type of guy. They say there are man who are lovers or fighters. I think there are also men who are thinkers and that is what we have here.


Yes! Amen to that.

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