The Value of a Life
Two Annoying Women



I do the 1-10 scale and try to get my life in perspective. Things like my children and grandchildren are all healthy which is better than sitting at the bedside of a dying 6 year old. There is a roof over my head, food in the cupboard and I have a business and a profession which is better than losing my manufacturing job and having nothing to fall back on.
Then I try to fairly analyze why I'm down and what I can do to either change it or deal with it.
THEN I call or visit a good friend or family member to whom I can talk and laugh with and just spend a little time enjoying that person's company.
There is always plenty of time to deal with life's troubles but far too little to appreciate life's joys. It's a struggle to find balance.


I have to go for a run...lately a bike ride has helped. If the weather is bad that I go out for a drive. I have never found that anyone other than myself can inprove my "state of mind"


I listen to my favourite music, dance around the house and after that I feel better.


A few things; work out,listen to music or maybe catch a funny movie.


I go to the beach and let the wind blow my mood away. Out doors in the fresh air seems to work wonders in changing your perception of a situation or maybe just clarifying things a little.
Should practice my own advice more often.

Helenna x

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