Two Annoying Women
Ready to Get Arrested


Stepping Thru

My husband disappointed me at Christmas. My birthday is coming up....
he just doesn't listen.


Work and our current department head, in addition to admin, is disappointing me lately. I gossip a bit with my work friends, but don't let it bother me. The whole cancer incident really helped me in the letting things go arena.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

Stepping Thru, I hope he rises to the occasion for your birthday.

Pseudo, some things just have a nasty habit of filtering through that "letting go" filter.

My department head really got through my filter yesterday. In her email to me about the psycho mom (there was an even nastier email yesterday morning), after saying that we should meet with the mome she noted that I had an unnecessary apostrophe in my email to the mom. Just the kind of support I needed. Not surprising, but still a disapppointment.


someone I just started to date ended up stalking me.

does that count? :)

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

D'Arcy, that definitely counts. How upsetting. What a jerk. On the positive side, at least that came out in the beginning, before you invested too much in him and the relationship.

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