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Is Grandma Okay?


Liz A.

They used to, my mother especially. When I graduated college, my mother just knew I would do all these great things. I'm not sure how she knew all that considering I was getting a Sociology degree. My decision not to enter the work force still really pisses her off, and she continuously suggests I work as anything...Just get a job, but she's starting to let off 18 months later.

Stepping Thru

No, I am much harder on myself than others are.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

Could I say "unfortunately" no one expects more from me than I do myself. Sometimes I wish I had someone who really believed in me more than I did myself. Having to find the self-esteem to match the expectations would have gotten a nice hand with someone else's sturdy encouragement.

Renee Khan

Good morning Laura: I think the mirror will be which ever one your mind tells it too. Me for example, most of the time, and don't forget I am 5 feet tall and 217 pounds, I look in the man's side.

Seriously. State of mind baby.

Love Renee

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

Renee, I solved the problem by simply not looking in the mirror. Okay, not totally true, I peek briefly before heading into the shower and occassionally note that it could be worse, as opposed to not bad. It is amazing how little time we can spend looking at ourselves, our bodies and our faces, when that is all other people see. It certainly makes for a weird interaction with the world when our source of reference, ourself, is perceived so differently.

Amy Sue Nathan

Nope, I expect more of myself than anyone expects of me. And I am more driven to not disappoint myself than anyone else.

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